About the site

This is my website for talking about video games. It includes links to cool stuff, reviews of various games, my games and a way to contact me if you want. There will be a section about my playthoughs of games eventually. Including screenshots.

Windows 98 icons from here. Please don't sue me Microsoft, I make no money from this website and I'm hardly threatening your brand using 24 year old icons and visual styling.

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About Me

A dude from the uk. He/him or they/them. Furry queer who likes playing video games. My irl has got very busy so updates on this site have slowed down a lot, I hope to add more game reviews soon as that page feels pretty sparse.

These cool badges link to the people who made them. Aside from the CSS badge, I made that one.

Jupiter is my GIFYPET, he is here just for fun. He runs off a modified version of Melonking's code that I like to tinker with (I have permission.)


I've yet to be asked any questions, but I can imagine the below coming up.

Is this website suitable for minors?

No explicit sexual content is discussed in detail or shown visually on this website. Some games discussed are rated 18+, but those 18+ aspects are touched on lightly or not at all. I do not review games here that are erotica focused.

I will always warn about explicit sexual content. i.e. sexual nudity, sex references.

I will warn for other content to the best of my abilities, but there is a chance I will miss something. If you think I've missed an important content warning let me know through my contact form.

In short, if you are under 18 there may be games or content linked to that is not suitable for you. I do not take responsibility for anyone who ignores this or any other warnings I give.

What platforms do you play games on?

I play on my iPad and my gaming PC, she's called Onyx and her graphics card is beefy as heck. She can play most of the newest high-spec games but gets used for older games because I like them.

There are spelling/word mistakes!

I have dyslexia and the Neocities editor has no spell check, I do run things though Grammarly now but that is time-consuming. You can contact me about any spelling mistakes if you want.

Will you review X game?

Please send me the games title and where to get it (legally) and I might review it if I enjoy playing it.

What's wrong with Google Chrome?

Chrome's monopoly allows Google to bully web standards and websites to serve them. The latest version of Chrome will not allow any plug-ins such as adblocking. It is also resource-heavy, spying on you for Google and is slow. Firefox uses far fewer resources and has great adblocking plug-ins.